Who we are.


Thomas Fadden

Founder & Disability Consultant, Purple Reach

Who we are.

Purple Reach is a disability consultancy aiming to help businesses and Community organisations everywhere better understand disability and what their business can do to improve there services to make them accessible to all.

What we do.

With over 30 years of lived-experience in disability,

we are here to work with you to offer support

and guidance through a range of services including; Access Auditing, Training, Mystery Shopping, Consultancy.

Why is this important?

At Purple Reach, we believe in the social model of disability and it guides everything we do.

Did you know that 20% of the population of the UK has a disability? This equates to over 11 million people whilst the annual spending power of the purple pound (people with disabilities) equates to £212 billion per annum. Three-quarters of customers with disabilities walk away due to an organisation’s lack of understanding of disability and it's estimated that

this leads to a business losing a potential £1.8 billion per month.


The Social Model of Disability.

The Social Model believes that people are not disabled by their disability, health condition or impairment; but indeed, they are actually disabled by the attitudes and barriers that wider society places upon them.

The social model movement seeks to remove

these barriers.